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Friday, October 28, 2016

For the love LulaRoe Leggings

This is how it usually begins...... someone thinks, "ok, I will give these leggings a try."  They purchase a black or gray pair and go about their day.  It isn't until they get home, slip into their leggings, and lounge about for a bit that they can enjoy what the fuss is all about.

1- Super duper soft- this is the first selling point.  In the LulaRoe world this is often called the ' buttery soft ' leggings.  It isn't just any old knit, this has a micro-fibre suede (almost) soft feel to it. It moves with you. It sits like a second soft skin, it is great for cuddling up.  The thin softness makes it easy to tuck into boots or to fold into a capri- either way, when you put these on, you don't want to take them off. (Tip; line dry for longer lasting softness)
Perfect for layering under the Carly with boots

2- Gentle Fold Waistband -  I didn't realize how much I would love this feature until I owned a couple of pairs. I have other leggings, of course, and they are plenty cute- but they lack the waistband feature that LulaRoe has literally perfected.  The waistband is a large lovely fold, that sits on the hip and doesn't dig into your waist. (The same waistband is featured on their Cassie pencil skirts and skirts as well- and I adore it).  Because of this I found myself reaching for my LulaRoe leggings over any other previous pairs I have.
(Note the waistband, in the "star" print above the stripes. The fold is a large, soft fold designed to sit on your waist and not dig into it with an intrusive elastic band).

3-Uber Crazy Prints - Now crazy prints (like the stars and stripes above) aren't for everyone- but you would be surprised how many gals around the world are saying goodbye to boring clothes on throwing one crazy, colorful, and happy prints of all kinds.  It's like being a little girl finding the bumble bee striped tights again (wink wink....or sniff sniff...)
You can find leggings that include prints from the 80s, florals, geometrical prints, and just about anything you can dream up.  (I am partial to having a floral obsession).  Not a "show off my bum" kind of person? No worries- the Irma shirt has a long high-low length that covers anything you're not quite ready to show off- but most any long cardigan (also available) or other pieces in your closet with a little length will pair up nicely with your leggings. So go for the print and wear your joy!

It may be a 'safe' purchase- because who doesn't enjoy being comfortable during the day, but for me it opened up my LulaRoe eyes and made me a fan.  I work as a massage therapist and play at my craft table- and I am in my leggings for both. It sounds silly, but it's like a little gift I give myself, being comfortable and wearing something with personality while I do the things I love. (BTW- those are my floral leggings and fall boots at the top of the page. Talk about true love <3 )

One day I was out and about in a pair of tropical floral leggings- a neighbor said , "Wow! Those are some colorful leggings!" Was she surprised? Was she jealous? Did she think I was crazy? I don't know, and it didn't matter. Either way I was in something I love in a color I love and it made me happy. I smile and said , "I know! That's why I love them!"

Here's our challenge for you today:
Live out loud.
Live in color.
Happy Little Things- when your leggings match your favorite mug

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  1. Superb post! I liked each and everything about this blog. Can you also help me find a good and comfortable mesh cut out leggings? I have joined dance classes and I think these leggings would look fab during that. Let me know if you know about some.