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Monday, February 6, 2017

Why We're Smitten With The Sarah

You have to know that the Sarah is taking the Lula Roe world by storm......and here are a few of the reasons why. It's flowing cut and lengthening look is flattering on any body type.
It's made to flow over anything you want to put under it- from your favorite worn out jeans to a flowy dress and tights- it really does layer perfectly and give you the finished look.
Sizes will vary with your preferred fit- but keep in the mind sleeve is form fitting ( which we love, it keeps your shape flattering and not bulky!) and it is designed to skim your legs....think cowgirl duster style.
Don't be fooled by the hanger pics! (hey we have so few options for featuring hundreds of pieces of clothing for a sale!) Often times a simple photo does not do the items justice- they need to be played in for you to fully appreciate the comfort and style.

My above outfit. A gorgeous neutral Irma with some funky leggings and a dusty blue Sarah cardigan.
Okay, so my cute doggie was a little confused with my antics- but here's a mirror shot for the record on why sometimes you just have to get these babies off the hanger and on your body.
I love that I can be in some of the most comfortable pieces I own and still look pulled together and ready to go.  The Sarah can pretty much turn any pair of leggings into your go-to outfit.
The hardest decision you will have to make is picking the color and print that suite you best.

Watch for upcoming live sales and album posting on Mel's Facebook Group <3

And remember- life is too short 
(and you are too fun!) 
to wear boring clothes !

Friday, December 16, 2016

Show Up Elegant - LulaRoe Giveaway!

LulaRoe Carly with Elegance shimmer
Not sure how you will look in something from the Elegance collection? Well it's pretty obvious.... you will look FABULOUS! The shimmer and glitter elements add to the movement of all your favorite LulaRoe pieces and make them party ready.

Mel in an Elegance Collection Randy
From shimmery patterns to glittery sleeves you can pull off an effortless look at your holiday gatherings- and then have some amazing pieces in your collection for future date nights or fun nights with girls.... because it's all so comfy you will be looking for reasons to dress up and feel PRETTY!

Because the only way for you to know how great you will look and feel in LulaRoe is to wear it, we want to help you add a piece of Elegance to your holiday collection.

Now is the chance for you to earn $15.00 in Lula Cash towards your Elegance buy from Melanie!
It's simple..... just comment here letting us know what your favorite item is in the LulaRoe line....
.....go to Mel's Facebook group and comment "DONE" on the post with the link to this blog post.
You will be entered in our giveaway for the Lula Cash- and Mel would love to help you get your glam on for the holidays.

We hope to see you in our comments... * good luck *

And remember... YOU deserve to sparkle <3

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lula Lingo

The first few interactions you may have in a LulaRoe group will undoubtedly be fun, but may also be overwhelming due to all the LulaRoe Lingo going on.....  Here is a quick definition list to help you navigate your way through Mel's LulaRoe pages.

Unicorn - This is a print or print/style combo that quickly becomes highly sought after by LulaRoe wearers everywhere. Sometimes it is the nature of the print (a vintage floral or perfect stripe, for instance) and sometimes it in just the unique design or perfect style. (Certain prints in an Irma or a Carly, for instance, might be sought out by fans).  While most people have a style they prefer, like me and the hunt for everything floral, that can become their own 'unicorn', or hard to find item. Other prints go viral and become a highly craved item (even re-selling on Ebay for WAY above retail price).  The company makes limited number of each print, so if you see something you're drawn to, NAB IT while you can.

Pop-up- this term can be confusing at first, because this is the name of road side shops and festival type of sales, but in LulaRoe land it generally is referring to an online 'pop-up'. This is just a sale that will last a limited number of hours, and is usually hosted through Facebook- although you will see them occasionally on Instagram or other social media sites as well. In this sale, items are all photographed and listed, one photo at a time. You will actually browse the photos and comment on the items you would like to purchase.

Live Sale- for a live sale, the seller will actually be broadcasting from a location, showing items and numbering them. This can be on Periscope or other places, but Mel prefers Facebook for the privacy and security of the buyers and seller. You will comment with the number on the items you would like to purchase. Generally this is all happening in real time, and you can interact with the consultant. Occasionally someone might watch a sale after it has broadcast, and can still comment and buy an item that wasn't sold during the broadcast.  This will always be handled on a first typed, first served basis (comments are time stamped and will be re-viewed when needed).

Next, or "sold-next"- Sometimes you will see one photo that has several comments stating it is Sold or Next.  This puts the person next in line if there happens to be two of an item (which does happen) or if the first "Sold" falls through. It doesn't happen a lot, but on occasion an item may go to the next person in line.  Typing 'next' does not mean you are guaranteed an item, but it holds your place in line, so to speak, if it does become available. (Also, if an invoice is ignored the item may go to the next person- so be sure to pay your invoices when they go out <3).

Google Form - This is a quick link that takes you to a Google sheet which almost all reps use. It lets you fill out what you bought in one easy place- but the rep gets a well organized spread sheet showing everything she needs to send out. This is important, because of the live nature of all the sales. It simplifies the inventory for Mel, but also gives you a place to make sure your order is filled correctly. Anytime you buy from Mel GO HERE to her google form and it will speed up your invoice process... which means your lovelies get shipped sooner! Win win.......

Roll Call - or Check in - many consultants will have a quick roll call or check in to let you know a sale is about to begin, and to let you communicate with them that you are available.  This is a great time for Mel to add a fun giveaway to the sale or let you know what to expect in the sale. It's also fun as a shopper to see who else is joining you in the sale, and the friendships built during sales are fun to watch as shoppers help eachother find coveted items!

Lula Baby- is a new consultant that is journeying into the Lula world. Unlike some businesses, the world of LulaRoe is extremely supportive and you will see consultants communicate, give shout outs, purchase from each other, and especially boost the groups of new business owners- Their "Lula Babies". Be sure to swing by and wish them well.

Buttery Soft- this is the crazy name that has stuck to the LulaRoe leggings. Sort of micro-fibre, sort of knit, sort of velvet......the leggings are just SOFT and Cozy and can't be beat.  For some reason the 'buttery legging' tag has stuck...but these leggings are in no way greasy at all.

We hope this helps you on your journey to the comfiest clothes ever<3 Join us !

LulaRoe through the holidays *

Plan now to sparkle and shine your way through your holiday gatherings in the most comfortable holiday clothes ever!  The LulaRoe Elegant collection is here!

LuLaRoe Elegant Collection

If you are new to LulaRoe, the holiday season is the perfect time to try out their line, full of fun holiday options, all with the comfort factor that has made LulaRoe a fashion craze. Why be uncomfortable when you can slip on a gorgeous Amelia, zippered up the back for the perfect fit, that sparkles and shimmers as long as you do?

Elegant Collection Amelia

If you choose to attend your holiday party in the comfiest look of the season, go for the swing dress style Carly.  This dress has been a hot item among LulaRoe fans and most reps will tell you they sell as quick as they can get them in.  We think this blush sparkle Carly is about the most gorgeous and versatile thing you could have in your closet! Pretty and sparkly enough to wear to the dress-up Christmas program, but comfortable enough to keep on until the clock brings in the New Year.

Elegant Collection Carly

Or maybe you just want to look festive as you work this season, or as you spend your time running holiday errands.  There is absolutely no more comfortable option than the LulaRoe leggings- and paired with a bright festive top you can not go wrong.  I am spending the days running my errands in leggings paired with boots or cute wedges- with a scarf or cardigan it's an instant pulled together outfit that is actually cozy to wear.

Irma in holiday lights print

You don't want to miss the upcoming sales and pop-ups that will have a variety of holiday prints, colors and styles as well as brand new hard to find items from the Elegant collection.  Join Mel's VIP Facebook page for the first news about when sales will be and what to expect.  There will be a number of upcoming sales both LIVE (where you get the chance to interact with Mel and ask questions, request items, and peek into her studio) and online pop-up sales (where you browse photo albums and shop through the group event).  Plus, keep an eye on posts as Mel has numerous give aways all week for both favorie items and Lula Cash!

We are busy prepping for your holiday look! Join us!!! (and how cute is Hannah in this sparkly Carly helping with the black Elegant holiday Amelia for a photo shoot!!! Could she be any cuter?) 

In the mean time....
find your holiday sparkle.... share it whenever possible !

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pay It Forward Giveaway !

Ok, so here's the deal.  You know LulaRoe Reps are very giving people. They give away prizes, they give away Lula Cash, and they love giving away clothing.  I have loved the generosity of the reps I know, and it's fun to the contests and prizes they are always running. But this is a little different.......

this isn't a giveaway for you (although Mel does plenty of those, too!)

this is a give away for someone you know who might love a piece of LulaRoe but not have the means to get it, or just may need  surprise or boost.
Do you know someone who would love a Randy?

Please click here and ask go to Mels Facebook VIP Group- ( you may need to ask to join, but someone will get you in quickly!!) and get more details about how to tag someone you would love to "gift" some comfortable clothing too.

Thanks for stopping by- we look forward to seeing you at the give away- and GOOD LUCK!

Until next time-
Keep sparkling......keep snuggling......

Friday, October 28, 2016

For the love LulaRoe Leggings

This is how it usually begins...... someone thinks, "ok, I will give these leggings a try."  They purchase a black or gray pair and go about their day.  It isn't until they get home, slip into their leggings, and lounge about for a bit that they can enjoy what the fuss is all about.

1- Super duper soft- this is the first selling point.  In the LulaRoe world this is often called the ' buttery soft ' leggings.  It isn't just any old knit, this has a micro-fibre suede (almost) soft feel to it. It moves with you. It sits like a second soft skin, it is great for cuddling up.  The thin softness makes it easy to tuck into boots or to fold into a capri- either way, when you put these on, you don't want to take them off. (Tip; line dry for longer lasting softness)
Perfect for layering under the Carly with boots

2- Gentle Fold Waistband -  I didn't realize how much I would love this feature until I owned a couple of pairs. I have other leggings, of course, and they are plenty cute- but they lack the waistband feature that LulaRoe has literally perfected.  The waistband is a large lovely fold, that sits on the hip and doesn't dig into your waist. (The same waistband is featured on their Cassie pencil skirts and skirts as well- and I adore it).  Because of this I found myself reaching for my LulaRoe leggings over any other previous pairs I have.
(Note the waistband, in the "star" print above the stripes. The fold is a large, soft fold designed to sit on your waist and not dig into it with an intrusive elastic band).

3-Uber Crazy Prints - Now crazy prints (like the stars and stripes above) aren't for everyone- but you would be surprised how many gals around the world are saying goodbye to boring clothes on throwing one crazy, colorful, and happy prints of all kinds.  It's like being a little girl finding the bumble bee striped tights again (wink wink....or sniff sniff...)
You can find leggings that include prints from the 80s, florals, geometrical prints, and just about anything you can dream up.  (I am partial to having a floral obsession).  Not a "show off my bum" kind of person? No worries- the Irma shirt has a long high-low length that covers anything you're not quite ready to show off- but most any long cardigan (also available) or other pieces in your closet with a little length will pair up nicely with your leggings. So go for the print and wear your joy!

It may be a 'safe' purchase- because who doesn't enjoy being comfortable during the day, but for me it opened up my LulaRoe eyes and made me a fan.  I work as a massage therapist and play at my craft table- and I am in my leggings for both. It sounds silly, but it's like a little gift I give myself, being comfortable and wearing something with personality while I do the things I love. (BTW- those are my floral leggings and fall boots at the top of the page. Talk about true love <3 )

One day I was out and about in a pair of tropical floral leggings- a neighbor said , "Wow! Those are some colorful leggings!" Was she surprised? Was she jealous? Did she think I was crazy? I don't know, and it didn't matter. Either way I was in something I love in a color I love and it made me happy. I smile and said , "I know! That's why I love them!"

Here's our challenge for you today:
Live out loud.
Live in color.
Happy Little Things- when your leggings match your favorite mug

Don't forget to join Mel on Facebook and never miss another box opening, live showing, print finding sale!

find your size 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Welcome to Mels LuLaRoe Blog

We are so glad you are here!

It is our hope that this blog will help you understand WHY LULAROE is in our lives and how much we love it.  The clothes of course, are known for being over the top comfortable.  Something every woman wants - comfort and style. Comfort and cuteness.  Something you can wear on date night or to the park with the kids and feel great......

But we also want this blog to help you to get to know us. The reality of our lives, the behind scenes peeks at how we run the business, and most of  all, how life-changing this experience has been.  You wouldn't believe it, but not much more than year ago Mel was in the hospital with complications after a surgery and things were rough. Things went down-hill, then back up..... she fought.  If any of you have ever struggled with serious health issues you understand it is hard to get yourself up and going some days.  You can do it.

That is part of what this business is all about (besides a great career opportunity and life changing option), the chances it gives people..but ENOUGH about that for now, we will get more into that another time.  Most of us just wear LuLaRoe  for the ease and for the statement we can make.

Leggings and Carly

If you are one of the lucky ladies who can shop and find cute clothes fit in your size (petite? smalls?) then you will find plenty here to compliment your wardrobe.  If you're more like us we rock a few curves and have to be a little more picky about how things fit.  LuLaRoe takes care of that- from XXS to XXXL and all in between you will find an amazing variety of cut, colors, prints, and style and before you know it you will be addicted to your favorite pieces and out hunting for unicorns (more on those to come).

So be sure to follow our blog and check back for lots of style, fashion, and life tips (hey, we're all just figuring this out together!).  If you aren't already, please click here to come join Mels Vip LuLaRoe group, where you will find several sales a week, with live shopping and personalized consultations/ rack picking and a great forum to interact with other Lula lovers. Mel is here to answer your questions and help you find what you want.

Please be patient as we get this blog up and running. We are excited to connect and anxious to share more about our world with you.  Size charts, new release items, and fashion tips are all to come.....

In the meantime

Don't forget to sparkle and chase your dreams daily <3