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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lula Lingo

The first few interactions you may have in a LulaRoe group will undoubtedly be fun, but may also be overwhelming due to all the LulaRoe Lingo going on.....  Here is a quick definition list to help you navigate your way through Mel's LulaRoe pages.

Unicorn - This is a print or print/style combo that quickly becomes highly sought after by LulaRoe wearers everywhere. Sometimes it is the nature of the print (a vintage floral or perfect stripe, for instance) and sometimes it in just the unique design or perfect style. (Certain prints in an Irma or a Carly, for instance, might be sought out by fans).  While most people have a style they prefer, like me and the hunt for everything floral, that can become their own 'unicorn', or hard to find item. Other prints go viral and become a highly craved item (even re-selling on Ebay for WAY above retail price).  The company makes limited number of each print, so if you see something you're drawn to, NAB IT while you can.

Pop-up- this term can be confusing at first, because this is the name of road side shops and festival type of sales, but in LulaRoe land it generally is referring to an online 'pop-up'. This is just a sale that will last a limited number of hours, and is usually hosted through Facebook- although you will see them occasionally on Instagram or other social media sites as well. In this sale, items are all photographed and listed, one photo at a time. You will actually browse the photos and comment on the items you would like to purchase.

Live Sale- for a live sale, the seller will actually be broadcasting from a location, showing items and numbering them. This can be on Periscope or other places, but Mel prefers Facebook for the privacy and security of the buyers and seller. You will comment with the number on the items you would like to purchase. Generally this is all happening in real time, and you can interact with the consultant. Occasionally someone might watch a sale after it has broadcast, and can still comment and buy an item that wasn't sold during the broadcast.  This will always be handled on a first typed, first served basis (comments are time stamped and will be re-viewed when needed).

Next, or "sold-next"- Sometimes you will see one photo that has several comments stating it is Sold or Next.  This puts the person next in line if there happens to be two of an item (which does happen) or if the first "Sold" falls through. It doesn't happen a lot, but on occasion an item may go to the next person in line.  Typing 'next' does not mean you are guaranteed an item, but it holds your place in line, so to speak, if it does become available. (Also, if an invoice is ignored the item may go to the next person- so be sure to pay your invoices when they go out <3).

Google Form - This is a quick link that takes you to a Google sheet which almost all reps use. It lets you fill out what you bought in one easy place- but the rep gets a well organized spread sheet showing everything she needs to send out. This is important, because of the live nature of all the sales. It simplifies the inventory for Mel, but also gives you a place to make sure your order is filled correctly. Anytime you buy from Mel GO HERE to her google form and it will speed up your invoice process... which means your lovelies get shipped sooner! Win win.......

Roll Call - or Check in - many consultants will have a quick roll call or check in to let you know a sale is about to begin, and to let you communicate with them that you are available.  This is a great time for Mel to add a fun giveaway to the sale or let you know what to expect in the sale. It's also fun as a shopper to see who else is joining you in the sale, and the friendships built during sales are fun to watch as shoppers help eachother find coveted items!

Lula Baby- is a new consultant that is journeying into the Lula world. Unlike some businesses, the world of LulaRoe is extremely supportive and you will see consultants communicate, give shout outs, purchase from each other, and especially boost the groups of new business owners- Their "Lula Babies". Be sure to swing by and wish them well.

Buttery Soft- this is the crazy name that has stuck to the LulaRoe leggings. Sort of micro-fibre, sort of knit, sort of velvet......the leggings are just SOFT and Cozy and can't be beat.  For some reason the 'buttery legging' tag has stuck...but these leggings are in no way greasy at all.

We hope this helps you on your journey to the comfiest clothes ever<3 Join us !

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