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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pay It Forward Giveaway !

Ok, so here's the deal.  You know LulaRoe Reps are very giving people. They give away prizes, they give away Lula Cash, and they love giving away clothing.  I have loved the generosity of the reps I know, and it's fun to the contests and prizes they are always running. But this is a little different.......

this isn't a giveaway for you (although Mel does plenty of those, too!)

this is a give away for someone you know who might love a piece of LulaRoe but not have the means to get it, or just may need  surprise or boost.
Do you know someone who would love a Randy?

Please click here and ask go to Mels Facebook VIP Group- ( you may need to ask to join, but someone will get you in quickly!!) and get more details about how to tag someone you would love to "gift" some comfortable clothing too.

Thanks for stopping by- we look forward to seeing you at the give away- and GOOD LUCK!

Until next time-
Keep sparkling......keep snuggling......

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